What Is The Color Of Merlot?

The color of Merlot is classic and attractive. It is based on traditional French wine and has been the subject of numerous disagreements and online discussions because of its distinct color.

Many say it is a shade of red, while others claim it is more purple than red. With all the controversies surrounding this color, it is no wonder that the question, ‘what is the color of merlot’ is popularly asked, and here comes the answer.

Merlot is a delicious, classy, and adaptive red grape variety that is bred all over the world. Although it is best known for its use in Bordeaux blends, it can be used both for varietal wines and as a blending grape.

The color of Merlot wine is similar to the hues belonging to the crimson family; it has a rich, deep red color that leans into purple – which is why it appears both red and purple.

What Is Merlot?

Merlot is a black wine grape variety with a deep blue hue originating in Bordeaux, France. It is grown worldwide and is deemed a versatile and adaptable crop as it thrives in various soils and temperatures.

However, cold soils like clay are better for cultivating Merlot.

Because Merlot originated from the Bordeaux region of France, it is more widely produced there than anywhere else. However, it is also cultivated in several other countries, including the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, and more. 

It is the third most cultivated wine grape in the world and is known for its mild tannin content, low acidity, and silky texture, making it a suitable pair for a wide range of dishes.

Merlot is usually combined with other grape varieties, including Malbec, cabernet sauvignon, or cabernet franc, to make various blends, but it also works well on its own.

Merlot is used to create rich, velvety, full-bodied red wine. Wines produced solely from these grapes are known as merlot wine. Merlot is a fantastic red wine for novice wine drinkers or white wine connoisseurs.

What does the color of Merlot look like? 

Merlot has one of the most elegant and timeless colors. It has a distinct color that is almost crimson, mixed with a slightly subdued damson color, similar to maroon, currant, or burgundy. Its color conjures up a richness and warmth ideal for various purposes, not just as a wine color. 

Generally speaking, the color of Merlot is darker than Pinot Noir and brighter than Cabernet Sauvignon. But the color changes with age and tends to lose its pigmentation and get darker.

As such, Merlot wines that have been kept for a while may appear darker and have more of a garnet red color. 

What does Merlot taste like? 

Merlot is a red wine with a smooth or silky taste. It is generally lighter and contains fewer tannins than other red wines. Often compared with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is softer and gentler.

Its low tannin and acidity make it easier to drink, featuring flavors of violets, chocolate, blackberries, plums, and dark cherries.

Its low tannin content is also why it is used in blends in Bordeaux and several other parts of the world. Conversely, the higher tannin content of Cabernet Sauvignon and some other red wines makes the wines astringent when young.

At the same time, blends containing Merlot are sweeter and more salable even when young. 

The taste of Merlot might vary depending on where and how it is made. When cultivated in cooler climates, the flavor of Merlot is earthier and savory. Similar to Cabernet, with tight tannins and peppery, herbaceous undertones like boysenberry, fig, tobacco, or licorice.

In warmer climates, Merlot has richer fruit flavors and is juicier, with moderate tannin content and higher alcohol. Since this particular variety of Merlot is planted and produced outside of Europe, it is known as a “New World merlot.”

Is Merlot A Color?

Technically, no, Merlot is not a color. It is the name of a deep blue-colored wine grape. But just like different objects and words are used to describe colors, like pumpkin orange, garnet red, or ginger, Merlot is used to describe the color of merlot wine which many of us can’t quite place. 

When referred to as a color, Merlot is used to identify the deep red, almost purple color of merlot wine. The color of a wine generally depends on the color of the skin and the pulp of the fruit used in preparing the wine. However, whatever process the wine undergoes will affect the final result. 

When making red or rosé wine, black-skinned grapes must be used to give them their color. Once the juice is extracted, the skins of the grapes are left in touch with the juice to extract the color. The juice will absorb the skin’s color and eventually take on the skin’s natural red tint.

The juice can extract additional color from the skins if they are fermented together for longer. Additionally, the tannins found in grape skins contribute to the sweetness of the wine.

It is possible to make white wine from black grapes if the juice is extracted and the skins are immediately removed. Champagne is a well-known example of a wine made in this manner. But white wines are usually produced from white grapes. 

Is the color of Merlot red?

The color of Merlot belongs to the red spectrum, leaning towards deep blue or purple. Despite the common misconception that Merlot is a deep pink or purple, it is better described as crimson or a dark, deep red.

The color of merlot wine is usually a combination of red and purple. When Merlot is fully mature, its color is rich, deep, and purplish-red, almost appearing black. The color of a young wine tends to be brighter than one that has been kept for a while.

This is because the wine to loses pigmentation and becomes darker over time. 

What is the color code of Merlot?

To use Merlot in digital designs, you need to know the color codes to nail that particular shade. 

Merlot is represented by the hex code #7F171F, a red shade. 

It has 49.8% Red, 9% Green, and 12.2% Blue components in the additive RGB color space. 

It is related to a Hue angle of 355.4° (out of 360°), a Saturation of 69.3%, and a lightness of 29.4% in the alternative HSV representation. 

It comprises the pigments 0% Cyan, 81.9% Magenta, 75.6% Yellow, and 50.2% Black in the subtractive color space CMYK.

What colors pair well with the color of Merlot

The color of Merlot pairs well with a wide range of colors. Depending on the color combination, this red shade can look elegant and sophisticated, outrageously bold, quirky, or just plain warm. 

It is advisable to keep the numerous tested and trusted color schemes in mind whether you are into interior decoration, art, design, or just trying to put together a stylish outfit. Using color schemes is a good start to selecting colors for your palette. 

Analogous color scheme combinations 

Analogous colors refer to groups of neighboring colors on the color wheel. Similar color palettes produce a beautiful and relaxing display. Typically, analogous colors blend well and create calm, cozy palettes. An example would be a combination of Merlot with purple, pink, or dark brown.

Complementary color scheme combinations

Complementary colors are pairs of colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors have high contrast when used together and tend to make a good pair. An example of this would be a combination of Merlot and cyan (dark cyan).

Triadic color scheme combinations

Triadic color schemes are created when three colors that are three spaces apart on the color wheel are mixed. An example would be a combination of Merlot, dark blue, and dark lime green. 

You can create aesthetically pleasing palettes with the color of Merlot by using these color schemes. Some other examples of colors that pair well with Merlot include: 

  1. White and Black: just as white and black match basically every color, they also pair well with the color of Merlot. You can pair Merlot with white and black to give a fresh look. Whether you’re into fashion, art, design, or interior decoration, this combination is suitable for various purposes.

  • Orange and yellow: Due to their vibrant and eye-catching nature, orange and yellow colors are a pleasant combination to your palette. Like Merlot, they go well with a wide variety of other colors. When combined with Merlot, they serve as an elegant combination for the autumn season. 

  • Beige: another popular combination worth considering is Merlot and beige. This rich and earthy combination makes you think of cozy fall afternoons. There are numerous ways to use this color combination. For instance, you could pair velvety merlot drapes with rich beige leather furniture to create a warm and inviting study. You could also use burgundy pillows to accent brown furniture to make the neutrals stand out.

  • Pink and peach: merlot, when combined with pink or peach, work perfectly together to create a somber, sophisticated, feminine, and romantic color combination. The delicacy of this pink color contrasts sharply with the Merlot’s deep purplish-red tones.

  • Green: Merlot and green pair well because they both have a natural tone. You can play around with different shades of green and match them with the color of Merlot to make a stunning combination.

  • Purple: Another color that complements Merlot well is purple. Purple is a vibrant color that blends the relaxing qualities of blue with the vigor of red. Depending on its use, purple can be either feminine or masculine. When combined with Merlot, the overall appearance is abundant and unique. To find the Merlot and purple combination that suits you best, you could experiment with several shades of purple, such as lavender or lilac.

  • Cream: Because of Merlot’s bold color, combining it with a neutral shade like cream is a great idea. This helps soften its strong presence and creates a timeless combination without going too far toward the more conventional but boring burgundy and white color combination.

  • Gold: Merlot works well with more than just conventional colors. With metallics like gold, it also looks gorgeous. Merlot and gold make for a rich, expensive-looking, and utterly classic combination. However, the warmth that these two colors emanate can potentially overpower the other. You could use bright, airy colors like white and ivory to balance out this combination. 


Although the color of Merlot is debated by many, everyone can agree that it is a stunning color. It is a bold and attractive color based on traditional French wine that can be used in various contexts. If you had an idea about what the color of Merlot was, this article should confirm if you were right or wrong.

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