Why Is Merlot Hated? Good Merlot Brands That You Would Love

Red wine is produced to be enjoyed by all, but sometimes it can be hated for reasons best known to various individuals. For this reason, we would see why merlot is hated. Merlot is a wine that was once the favorite of most people.

To be candid, most wines are 100% merlot, for example, Petrus, Masseto, and then Chateau palmer which is 50% Merlot. And these wines are amongst the top-rated red wines in the country.

Nevertheless, Merlot is still hated for reasons which we would see in this article. You may have come to the conclusion of why you should also hate Merlot, but after reading this article, you would have a better understanding.


Merlot is a wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France and it is popularly referred to as the queen of grapes. Merlot wine is made from Merlot grapes, and it has a good amount of tannin and other aromas that make it desirable. 

It is unique for its soft nature and easy to drink. And this makes it acceptable to individuals of various ages and gender. As one of the best wines, it undergoes a long fermentation process; the breakdown of sugars into alcohol. 

It also undergoes a longer maceration time, in which the must (freshly crushed grape) gotten from the wine remains with the residue’s skins and seeds. All these contribute to the unique flavor and taste of this dry wine and thus making it last longer.

What does merlot taste like?

Merlot is a combination of various tastes, and its taste ranges from graphite, black cherries, herbs and blackberries, plums, and cocoa, often layered with notes of clove, vanilla, and cedar when aged in oak. Furthermore, it is soft, has a velvety texture, with moderate alcohol content and it is also a dry wine. 

The reason why Merlot is a dry wine is the time it takes for it to ferment, and the absence of residual sugar after fermentation. So, if you are avoiding sugar, then dry wine would be a better option for you.

Can merlot be chilled?

If you wish to enjoy Merlot wine, you should refrigerate it at a temperature of 60 to 65° F. But you should not let it exceed this temperature. This is because when it is too chilled, the flavors would be less pronounced. And when it is below the minimum range it tastes more bitter and acidic.

Furthermore, after opening it, you should store it back at the same temperature which it was in and cork it.

Why is merlot a burgundy wine?

This is another misconception that arises from people about Merlot wine. Merlot is not a burgundy wine, but a Bordeaux wine. Burgundy wines are wines made in the Burgundy region of eastern France, while Bordeaux wines are wines made in the Bordeaux region of France.

Why does everyone hate merlot?

As far back as 2004, Merlot was being rejected in the market, and then a movie called Sideways complicated issues. In the movie, a character called miles had a girlfriend who loved Merlot, and when they broke up, he decided to have a trip through wine country.

One day, they decided to have a night out, and it turns out that the friend wanted Merlot. But because it reminded him of his ex-wife, he made so many mean comments about Merlot, and since then people took the same energy over Merlot. 

Nevertheless, a look at this clearly shows that Merlot is not a wine to be hated. Furthermore, 72% of the world’s red wine is composed of at least 75% Merlot. And most of the best wines consumed are made with Merlot.

The only thing that most producers do is to take away Merlot from the labels. With this, you can clearly see that no one hates Merlot, they just have a bias toward it based on the movie. 

Why is merlot considered bad?

Merlot is considered bad due to the various brands that are in the market. Due to the taste and popularity of Merlot, most producers take advantage of producing low-quality Merlots. And with most of the best wines made with Merlot, the market becomes over-saturated, leaving people with the thought that Merlot is a bad wine. 

Good Merlot brands 

If you seek good Merlot brands, then you should check the following:

2014 Bedell Cellars Merlot 

This Merlot brand is produced on Long Island’s North fork and is owned by Michael Lynne. It tastes spicy, has a subtle aroma, and has a flavor characteristic of dark fruits. Also, it costs just $22. 

2014 Januik Merlot 

This Merlot brand is produced in Washington State’s Columbia Valley. If you love the taste of cocoa, then this Merlot is for you.  Also, the price is $25

2013 Paumanok Grand Vintage Merlot 

This wine cost $40 and is produced in the Long Island North Fork. It has good fruit flavors that anyone can enjoy (adults and children alike).

2014 Frog’s Leap Winery Merlot 

The taste of this Merlot wine is plummy, with fruit flavors. It is characterized by sleek flavors and costs $40.

2014 Ridge Vineyards Estate Merlot 

This wine is produced in Santa Cruz Mountain, and it costs just $55.

2012 Matthiasson Napa Valley Red Hen Vineyard Merlot 

This Merlot wine is characterized by its tobacco, complex cherry, and bay leaf taste, and it costs $80 for a bottle.

2013 Duckhorn Three Palms Vineyard Merlot 

The taste of deep fruits from this Merlot wine makes it a delight to engage in. And it ages well too but costs $95 for a bottle. 

2013 Miani Filip merlot 

This Merlot has a mint and rose petal flavor, and it can easily be obtained. But it is quite expensive and costs about $210 for a bottle.

2013 Masseto

This wine is characterized by creamy textures and bold flavors, and it is one of the most famous Merlots in the world. And if you love truffles and licorice, you can obtain a bottle of this brand. But this is quite expensive and costs about $720 per bottle. 

2014 Pétrus ($2,300)

The blue clay soil on which the Merlot grapes are used in the production of this wine contributes to its dark red fruit flavor and texture. It is made of 100% Merlot and costs just $2300 for a bottle. 

Does merlot give you a headache?

Merlot is a red wine, and all red wines when consumed to a certain level can cause headaches. The reason for this headache is the presence of histamine in the skin of grapes, and since red wines are made with whole grapes, there would be an increased concentration of histamine in the wine.

In the small intestine, an enzyme (Diamine Oxidase) is responsible for the breakdown of this histamine, and alcohol inhibits the activity of this enzyme, leading to increased histamine levels. And an increase in histamine causes dilation of the blood vessels, leading to headaches. 

Furthermore, the polyphenol (tannin) which is present in grapes is responsible for the release of a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which can cause headaches when the level is high in the system. 

So, Merlot is not directly responsible for your headache. So, you can try a variety of red wines to see which causes you headaches. Also, if you discover that Merlot gives you a headache, you should avoid taking it on an empty stomach and try to take a lot of water as you consume it.

How intoxicated can you get from drinking one bottle of merlot wine?

One bottle of Merlot wine is to be sipped one glass per hour. So as a healthy adult, if you follow this routine, you will not get intoxicated by Merlot wine. 

Why do people prefer cabernet over merlot?

Merlot is a wine that has less tannin, is less acidic, and is soft to the palate. But cabernet is bolder, richer, and has a robust flavor. So, for most people, it is a thing of choice. Furthermore,

Merlot is a wine that can be consumed alone, but cabernet is best enjoyed with a meal that contains fat. And since most people consume wine with their food, they would rather choose cabernet over Merlot, because that is the only time, they can enjoy it 

Furthermore, most people believe in the theory of supply and demand. Cabernet grapes are small, take time to ripen, and give low juice yield, hence it is always scarce and more expensive.

While Merlot is bigger than it, ripens faster and gives good juice yield, hence it would have a higher supply to meet demands. And this makes it somewhat unattractive to some people. 

Conclusion: Why Is Merlot Hated?

Conclusively, you can clearly see that Merlot is a wine that you people hated for no just reason. Even though it is less expensive than cabernet, it still stands as a force to be reckoned with in the wine industry.

Furthermore, upon reading this article, you have clearly seen that Merlot does not pose any health risk to consumers. Now that your doubt has been cleared, you should get yourself a bottle of Merlot, and you may just end up loving it.

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